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Kansas City Airport - All Information on Kansas City Airport (MCI)

Kansas City Airport (MCI) Kansas City Airport (MCI)

Kansas City Airport

Kansas City International Airport, 1 International Square, Kansas City, MO 64153, USA
+1 816 243 5237
+1 816 243 5237 (Lost + Found)
avwebmail@kcmo.org (Lost+Found)
Kansas City Airport - All Information on Kansas City Airport (MCI)

Kansas City International Airport, also known as Kansas City Airport or simply KCI, is a public airport located 24 km/15 mi northwest of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

The airport was originally named Mid-Continent International Airport and was given the IATA code MCI, which makes it confusing for travelers since it’s mostly referred to as KCI. The ICAO code is KMCI.

The airport is owned and operated by the Kansas City Aviation Department and it serves the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Kansas City has requested to change the IATA code to KCI to end confusion, but as MCI has been used in navigational charts and it is already in use for Kon Airport in East Timor it has been denied.

The airport was built after the Great Flood in 1951 after it destroyed the hometown airlines’ facilities and ground was broken in September 1954 with the first runway opening in 1956 around the same time as Kansas City donated their other airport, then known as Grandview Airport, to the United States Air Force.

The airport currently has two existing passenger terminals in operation, Terminal B and C, with a new Terminal A on the way. Each of the terminals is shaped as open circles around a circle road with entrances and exits in the inner area and a parking garage in the middle of the circle.

The division between landside and airside, or outside or inside security as the airport refers to it, runs along the circle shape, leaving the two zones long and narrow.

The airlines that operate from the airport are allocated to a specific terminal as well as to specific check-in desks and to specific gates.

There are at least two security control check-points in each terminal, with specific airlines allocated to a specific check-point.

The gates are located along the backside of the circle, the outer and longer side, so the gates are far apart within the terminals leaving the entrances more or less allocated to the specific airlines operating from the gates in the same area as the entrance.

Terminal B contains 20 gates numbered B31-B60 and Terminal C contains 22 gates numbered C61-C90.

Demolition of former Terminal A began in the summer of 2019 and is expected to finish in 2023.

The airport has three runways, two asphalt (one is 3,292 m/10,801 ft and the other is 2,896 m/9,501 ft) and one concrete (2,896 m/9,500 ft).

The airport saw 4,493,669 passengers come through it in 2020, in comparison to around 12,000,000 in 2019. The drop in numbers was a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Arrivals, Departures and Airlines at Kansas City Airport

Transfers at Kansas City International Airport

The airport offers complimentary shuttle transfer between the parking lots and the terminals as well as between the terminals. Bus stops are located and marked outside the terminals on curbside. Blue Bus service the Economy Parking while Red Bus service Circle Parking and for moving between the terminals.

Rental car companies at Kansas City Airport are located in the car rental facility reached by the Gray Bus shuttle.

RideKC route #229 is a public transportation bus service between downtown Kansas City and the airport. It runs every day from early morning to late evening, with the frequency of a departure at least once an hour.

Taxis are either found outside the exits on curbside or travelers can call for one using one of the white courtesy phones located both inside and outside the terminals. With many exits the taxicabs might be free but waiting at a different exit.

Some shuttle companies offer walk-up transfers in the arrivals halls, although most have to be pre-arranged before arrival at the airport. Other means of transfer, such as limousine or rideshare, has to be pre-arranged by the traveler. Pre-arrange a transfer to or from Kansas City Airport here.

Hotels near Kansas City Airport

There are a number of hotels to suit all budgets and requirements at or near Kansas City Airport.

Disability Assistance at Kansas City Airport

To pre-arrange wheelchair access or assistance for a disabled traveler please contact the airline directly. When loading or unloading on curbside please make sure to do it instantly and without leaving the vehicle as it is prohibited by federal law to park on curbside.

WiFi at Kansas City Airport

Free and unlimited WiFi access is available through the network “KCI_FREE_WiFi”. Once connected to the network simply launch an internet browser and the portal will appear.

Smoking at Kansas City Airport

It is prohibited to smoke in any other areas other than the designated areas outside the terminals.

ATMs at Kansas City Airport

ATMs can be found outside security on landside in both terminals.

Currency Exchange at Kansas City Airport

There are no currency exchange services offered at the airport.

Cash to Credit Conversion at Kansas City Airport

Both terminals offer cash to credit conversion machines on landside/outside security.

Food and Beverage at Kansas City Airport

There are plenty of options to eat and drink on both airside and landside in both terminals.

Shopping at Kansas City Airport

There are a few minor shops offering magazines and gifts and more in both terminals.

Animal Relief Areas at Kansas City Airport

Animal relief areas can be found connected to both terminals.

Parking at Kansas City Airport

Garage Parking is available in the parking garages located in the middle of the circle road the terminals are built around. They have direct access to the separate terminals through underground pedestrian walkways.

Circle Parking is nearby the airport and the Red Bus offers transfer to or from the terminals.

Economy Parking is further from the terminals and cheaper and the Blue Bus transfers travelers between the parking lots and the terminals.

Valet Parking is available for drop off near Gate B40, Terminal B.

Park Air Express is a partner of the airport offering off-airport parking options including Valet parking and transfer to and from the airport.

Cell Phone Waiting Area is where greeters can wait for up to 45 for free while the traveler collects their luggage and makes their way to the curb ready to be picked up. Vehicles are not to be left unattended.

See all parking options at Kansas City Airport.

Things to do in Kansas City

There are a number of activities to suit all ages and interests in the region - see a selection of tourist activities in Kansas City, Missouri in the United States of America.

Kansas City Airport Contacts

Address: Kansas City International Airport, 1 International Square, Kansas City, MO 64153, USA
General Phone: +1 816 243-5237
General Email: avwebmail@kcmo.org
Lost and Found Email: avwebmail@kcmo.org
Lost and Found Phone: +1 816 243-5237
Official Website: https://www.flykci.com/

Local Information

Drive on: Right
Electricity: 120V/60Hz
Plug: A, B
Currency: US Dollar

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